First and foremost, the child you are helping to care for is still a child. They are still a person, they just happen to have diabetes.
Diabetes is a very individual disease. What works for one person may not work for another. If you take two girls, both aged eight years old, both with type one juvenile diabetes – they may have completely different ways of managing their diabetes. This guide will help to teach the basics of type 1 diabetes management to people who do not have to live with the condition every day, but need to know the general ideas behind caring for a child with diabetes.
I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was eight years old. I remember my parents having to go over the basics of caring for me and my diabetes with the various babysitters, teachers, parents of close friends of mine, summer nannies, and relatives. Through my experiences of having diabetes myself, being a babysitter, and working in the medical field, I have learned how to simplify diabetes to the everyday basics.
When a very close friend of mine had the opportunity to work as a live-in nanny for a family with a young child with diabetes, I then decided through helping to educate her that one comprehensive guide really should be out there. I looked through many resources for her, but so many are geared to parents and are far too in-depth and confusing for when someone only needs to know the basics. That is when I decided that with my knowledge and experiences, this was something I could provide to the diabetes community.


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