How it all began

A few years back, one of my good friends was interviewing for a nanny position with a family where one of the daughters had type 1 diabetes.  She asked me to share all my diabetes knowledge with her so that she would know if this was a position she would be interested in, and if she could handle caring for a child with diabetes.  I started telling her all sorts of things she would need to know, and was looking for books to help guide her as well.  This is where I ran into a problem.  So many of the caregiver guides about diabetes were geared towards the parents and were far too involved and complicated for someone like a nanny, babysitter, grandparents, parents of friends, teachers, etc.  I could not find something that was more involved than just a book ABOUT diabetes, but not so overwhelming for someone who doesn’t live with the child 24/7.  I started writing out the information, advice, etc. as a Word document.  I have adopted this as a bit of a pet-project, and have been working on it, editing, revising, etc. for the past few years, but what could I do with this?  I have talked to many pediatric endocrinology offices about getting this printed and available to newly diagnosed families, I have thought about getting it published, but nothing ever played out.  My uncle, Dr. Bill Donovan (Orthopedic surgeon and overall GREAT guy) recently suggested making a blog of my guide, and that way the information would be out there, it would be FREE to get it out there, and there could even be an interactive side to it where people could comment and ask questions.


Coming up soon I will start posting this guide on here for the world to see and hopefully benefit from.  If anyone gets some use out of it, if any newly diagnosed families share this with family, friends, baby-sitters, teachers, etc. and this lets them be able to resume a more “normal” lifestyle after the diabetes diagnosis, I will be happy (and I would love to hear comments about how it helped, what to add or delete, etc.).


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