Basal Insulin

In your role as a part-time caregiver for someone with type 1 diabetes, you will likely not have much to do with the long-acting insulin or the basal insulin rates. You may have to inject the long-acting insulin depending on when you are caring for this child, and if so – please get the hands-on teaching from the parent as there are many ways to inject insulin and children tend to like routine.
If the child is on an insulin pump – either tubed or tubeless, you may be asked to adjust the basal rate temporarily. Do not be scared! Many people choose to lower the amount of insulin if there is going to be planned exercise or activity, or raise the basal rate for times of stress or illness. This can easily be accomplished by setting a temporary basal rate at a certain percentage higher than the normal rate. Since every pump is different, please refer to the manufacturer’s website or user manual and the primary caregiver for instructions on how to change various settings.


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